Privacy policy – use of cookies

When you visit your web browser exchanges information with our servers and consequently you leave some electronic footprints – also called cookies. Here you can read about how to accept or reject cookies.

Accepting cookies, rejecting cookies and withdrawing consent

The first time you visit you will see an information box regarding AFLOAT’s use of cookies. If you continue to browse the site you automatically consent to our use of cookies. A cookie that remembers your consent will be stored on your computer so that the information box does not appear again.

If you do not wish to allow cookies, all you have to do is to click “no thanks to cookies” in the information box. However we use a cookie to remember your choice so that no further cookies are used when you visit from the same computer.

If you wish to withdraw your consent or cancel your “no thanks to cookies”, you will need to delete the cookies stored on your device via your browser’s internet settings. The information box will appear again on your next visit to the site and you will be able to choose whether to accept cookies or not.

What will happen if I reject cookies?

You can still use even if you have opted out of cookies but the website will not remember certain information you have entered on previous visits, for instance your contact details or the name of your adviser.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is stored in your web browser and recognised by a website on return visits. This file makes it possible to send tailored information to your browser. A cookie may contain text, numbers or for instance a date but no personal information is stored in a cookie. A cookie is not a program and a cookie cannot carry or transmit a virus or other malware. Nearly all websites contain cookies.’s cookies contain information such as:

  • the pages you have visited on our website as well as when and for how long
  • the browser you are using, eg Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari
  • your screen resolution, eg 1024 x 768 pixels
  • your operating system, eg Windows 7, Windows 8 or OS X
  • your device, eg desktop computer, tablet or smartphone

Types of cookies

The following cookies are stored on your device when you visit

Name Expiration time Type Company
__utma 2 years Statistics Google Analytics
__utmb 30 minutes Statistics Google Analytics
__utmc End of session Statistics Google Analytics
__utmv End of session Statistics Google Analytics
__utmz 6 months Statistics Google Analytics

Do you only wish to reject statistics cookies?

AFLOAT uses Google Analytics to compile statistical data on the use of our website. If you wish to reject cookies set by the web analytics program but would like to keep the other cookies, you can opt out of cookies from Google Analytics by following the link below. Please note however that by doing so you are opting out of cookies from Google Analytics across all websites using this statistics tool and not just

Who is responsible for

AFLOAT A/S is the controller of the information collected. is provided by:
Rugmarksvej 7, 8462 Harlev J., Denmark
+45 70200950

Please direct any questions regarding cookies to this address.